Oil Change

Perserve your Engine's performance and Life

If you own or operate a vehicle, you should be aware of general oil change information, guidelines and procedures that are required by your car's manufacturer in order to properly maintain your vehicle. Generally speaking, most car manufacturers recommend that you have the oil in your vehicle changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles; however, the frequency at which you change the oil in your vehicle will depend upon your personal driving habits, the type of motor oil that is used and the recommendations of your vehicle's manufacturer. If you choose to use conventional motor oil when you change the oil in your vehicle, you will find that prices for an oil change are considerably lower than when using semi-synthetic or fully-synthetic motor oils. However, most industry experts agree that fully synthetic motor oils offer the protection for your car's engine and last for longer periods of time. In order to find out what type of motor oil is best for your vehicle, you should refer to the owner's manual for your car or truck or inquire at a local dealership that sells your type of vehicle. Additionally, you may want to seek the advice of a qualified ASE mechanic regarding oil change requirements for your vehicle. Regardless of where you seek out the information, you should know that regularly changing the oil in your vehicle will help keep your car's engine protected from wear and tear associated with heat and friction and help keep your vehicle running at its best.